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River Cruise Specialist

~River Cruise Specialist~

One of my top travel specialties is European River Cruises.  I like to think that I have a unique insight into these great voyages that is different from any other travel agent out there.  Yes, I have had the regular training in becoming a specialist, and have booked many clients on river cruises. I have been a repeat river cruise guest and have worked on the ships as well, for more than one company.

But my knowledge goes way beyond the standard industry credentials.  I’ve worked on river cruise ships since the 2015 season.  And because of my husband having worked on River Cruise ships for six years, I’ve spent more time on these vessels than any other American travel agent. There are insights and recommendations that can only be gained through an actual ship employee.  Who else can say they’ve logged eight months of sailing between Amsterdam and Budapest?   Or what about more than an entire season traveling the river route from Paris to the Normandy Beaches?  (Milos worked for a season on the Seine River.) We have these insights!  Stopping through Vienna on your cruise?  Because I’ve lived there, I can help you find anything you might be interested in! (How about an authentic Wiener Schnitzel and some Sachertorte?) We can tell you the best rock bar to visit in Amsterdam, and where to get a great affordable steak dinner in Rousse, Bulgaria.  Or how about a fantastic place to get a beer with the best view in Passau, Germany?  We can help you with that.    Or Bratislava… or Budapest….  (you get the idea.)  We can also give insight into some of the things you might not expect if you’re a first-time river cruiser.

I’ve even worked as a transfer guide for the ships, and can tell you all about many of the excursions, concerts, and tours available.    Who else can say their travel agent has been a guest, an agent, AND an actual employee?

Why go on a river cruise without some expert help and advice to guide you all the way?

Here are some helpful links right here on my blog about river cruises:

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Here are some photos taken directly by us, from the ships!  If you’d like to see photos of some of the amazing destinations visited by the ships, you can CLICK HERE or visit the many blog entries I’ve written about covering all my travels around Europe!

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