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Disney Specialist

~Disney Specialist~


I started visiting Disney World when I was just a little girl in the mid-1980’s.

I immediately fell in love with the fantasy and theatre of it all!  I still remember that night in the Magic Kingdom – watching the fireworks above Cinderella Castle – When You Wish Upon a Star was playing through the air…..

That first trip was followed by many more….. lots of childhood trips with my grandparents, school trips – including the band trip where we actually marched in the parade down Main Street USA (so awesome!), and many subsequent trips throughout my life.

I think back to how much of my adult self has been shaped by those trips early in my life.  I remember the excitement I felt when my grandfather let me help with the planning.  I memorized the maps of the parks even back then and knew where everything was. I think about my grandfather every time I go, and know how much he would enjoy it if he were still around today….

A lifetime of Disney World trips means that I know Disney inside and out. I can tell you about every park, ride, restaurant, resort, and activity. Every trip back to Disney is a little bit like going to my second home!

Now I get to help other people create wonderful experiences and memories as a travel agent!  What can I say – next to singing, it’s my absolute dream job!  Please contact me when you are ready to have your own amazing Disney vacation.


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