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Europe & Croatia Specialist

~Croatia and Europe Specialist~

Because of being married to a Croatian, I live part of each year in Croatia, and have traveled to many of its best known cities and sites.  I write regular blog posts about our adventures, and we give travelers and clients first-hand reviews, recommendations, and information for each destination.  We have favorite restaurants, beaches, and activities, and we can share that info with you!

I’ve also lived for longer periods of time in Vienna, Austria.  I know the city inside and out, and definitely consider myself a Vienna Specialist for sure!  I can let you know where I always stop for ice cream, where to get a good Wiener Schnitzel, and how to use the city’s incredibly efficient transportation system.  Want to visit Schönbrunn Palace before having some excellent soup and steak, followed by a slice of famous Sachertorte for dessert?  Yes, I can help you with all of that!

In addition to Croatia and Vienna, my travels have taken me all over Europe.  My first time abroad was in 2007, when I sang the lead role of Phyllis in the operetta “Iolanthe” at the G&S Festival in Buxton, England.  (That journey involved a side trip to London and Wales.)  I returned to the festival again the next year to sing the role of Mabel in “The Pirates of Penzance.”

Because of my dual citizenship (American and Hungarian), I am able to stay, work, and travel in Europe without the normal 3 month limit applied to American citizens. 

I’m also a wiz at Europe’s train system, having traveled with Global Rail Passes for four years in a row.  Most of the places I’ve visited all around the continent have been via train.

Where all have I been in Europe?

Here’s my list!  Some of these places have been regular destinations of mine, so I can give some great insights into what they have to offer, like things to see and places to eat.

Croatia  (CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY CROATIA ARTICLES)                                                        
Crikvenica (live there part of each year)
Rijeka (many regular visits)
Makarska (repeatedly)
Brela (repeatedly)
Plitvice Lakes (winter ,  spring , and autumn visits)
Krk (repeatedly)
Krka National Park


Vienna (lived there)
Salzburg (many repeat visits)
Linz (many repeat visits)
Dürnstein (many repeat visits)
Taiskirchen im Innkreis  (My father’s birthplace)
Krems an der Donau

Nuremberg (many repeat visits)
Regensburg (many repeat visits)
Cologne (repeatedly)
Rüdesheim (many repeat visits)
Koblenz (repeatedly)
Passau (many repeat visits)

United Kingdom
London, England
Buxton, England (repeatedly)
Swansea, Wales


Antwerp (repeatedly)

Budapest (many repeat visits)

Disneyland Paris

The Netherlands                                           
Amsterdam (many repeat visits)

Bratislava (many repeat visits)

Becicherecu Mic  (My grandparents’ hometown)


Czech Republic
Cesky Krumlov (many repeat visits)
Prague (many repeat visits)



Palma de Mallorca

Stay tuned for more!

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8 thoughts on “Europe & Croatia Specialist

  1. Hi Jen,

    I’ve been following your DIS blog. I never new how popular Disney Vacations were with people w/o kids!!! Anyway, funny thing how I found you…I was looking for the navy/white striped dress-Loft and found your picture. I’ve been waiting to see you in it, your shoes and accessories. I wore mine to a wedding this past weekend. I love the dress. It’s very comfortable. Please post a picture when you get a chance.

    Simi Valley, CA

  2. Thanks T Mack! I think there are now a LOT of adults that grew up going to Disney like me – and we never get over our love of it. I’ll definitely have a pic of the dress on my Disney TR once we get to that part!

  3. Isn’t traveling the best? I fell in love with it too after my first trip to England many years ago. I hope you enjoy your European adventures. I like your blog so I’ll be stopping by regularly 🙂

  4. Hey Jen, interesting Blog. I came across it by accident as I was surfing for photos of Croatian beaches. I have a place in a small village called Drasnice some 7km south of Makarska, where we spend our summers, so it was interesting to hear an Anglo Saxon’s view of the place, as most visitors tend to be Czechs, Slovaks and Poles.
    But otherwise I live in Kenya where I tend to spend the winters, with summers in Croatia.
    As beautiful as Croatia is, for mind-blowing landscapes, hotels and beaches, you should really visit Kenya. And don’t be put off by anything you read in the press; Kenya is far safer than many of your US cities.

    • Thanks for reading, Mario! I like to think I have an even more unique view of Croatia, since my man is Croatian, but I came to it from the perspective of an American. I don’t know a ton of couples in our particular situation. So even though I was once a “new outsider”, it’s now become a second home to me, and eventually my permanent home. I’m not just seeing it from the viewpoint of an occasional tourist; I’m there for the every-day-ness of it all.

      And we LOVE the Makarska area – it’s really become a favorite destination for us. Africa is on our bucket list for sure – I know we’ll get there someday!

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