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Another rough night….

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Maybe I can blame it on the PMS, but the last couple nights have been pretty damn rough.  Tonight is no exception.  And because I’m the chatty over-sharer that I am, I’m here to share it with all of you!  (Yay!)


I talk a lot online in the evenings with my good friend Kristen, and I was saying a night or two ago that sometimes I just feel the most intense juxtaposition of feelings.


I feel equally blessed and distraught.


And I’ve discovered over the course of my life that I’m the kind of person who just really feels emotions at an extreme level.  I am not the type who is like: hey, I feel happy and sad at the same time…sigh…




I’m the type to be like: OH MY GOD!!! The joy in my heart is like standing on a beautiful mountain top and staring upon the glorious wonder of God’s creation!!!!  …And this aching sadness I feel is like the melancholy tears of a hundred crying puppies!!!!


Elation!  Elation!  Despair!  Despair!


That’s how Jen feels feelings.


As I’ve said a lot lately  – I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to have found that one person in the whole world that is perfect for me.  The one person who fills me with happiness, and smiles, and laughter, and joy.  All of it!  He makes me feel loved and beautiful, even at my worst.  We just click so damn well.  It’s freakin’ awesome is what it is!  Hell yea!!!!


Aaaaand then at that very same time, the world keeps us from getting to be together most of the time.  So here…. you find this amazing thing that makes life have new meaning and all that glorious stuff from stories and songs – BUT you’re forced to be apart.  For months at a time.  With a freakin’ ocean stuck between you!!!!


That is my life.


So here I am, another night where I can’t help but cry while I sit in my bed missing him.  Just plain ol’ missing him.  I have to snuggle my Winnie the Pooh that is sprayed with his cologne to pretend like he’s not so far away.  And some nights I lay here feeling like my heart wants to just bust out of my chest and fly to him over the ocean.  (Dude, I wasn’t kidding about the PMS.  And the feeling of the feelings…)


Don’t get me wrong, it does help immensely that we connect every day – either video calls or FB chat, etc.  But, we are often the victims of crappy wifi signals, so conversations can drop abruptly or video calls can freeze for minutes at a time.  Plus, because of that six hour time difference, he goes to bed when it’s only the late afternoon here.   So those really tough nights when hearing his voice and seeing his face would be all I need to lead me to more tranquil slumbers… well, I have to make do with photos of our times together.  Then snuggle up to Winnie the Pooh again, while I cross another day off of the long countdown leading to our next “together time.”  (Hey, at least we’re past the half way point now on this particular 3 month stretch!)


To conclude…



You may ask, “Jen, are you really this over-the-top dramatic, expressive, and emotional?  Yes.  Yes I am.  Half a lifetime spent on the stage does have an effect on a person.  Plus the PMS.  It makes for quite a combination.


And lastly, listen to me and listen good…. If you’ve found your true love and you get to be together every day, never ever ever take it for granted!  Even on those boring mundane days, remember that you’re getting to be bored together instead of alone.  You can sit around watching a movie together and not alone.  You’ll have those warm arms around you when you fall asleep at night.  Do you realize how damn amazing that is???  Do you realize how lucky you are???


Hopefully sooner than later, Miloš and I won’t have any more of these insanely long stretches of months apart.  And I know when we get there, I’ll never ever EVER take it for granted.  Never ever.



(Yup, I totally put little hearts over a Google map on each of our hometowns.  That’s how I roll – cheesy and dorky all the way!)










Author: JenSop

One of my favorite quotes is, "If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough." I guess I've been a dreamer all my life - I set my sights high and then I try to reach the sky. Some might call me a naive idealist, but that's just the way I am. I believe in always taking the high road, I believe in true love, and I believe in treating people the way you want to be treated. If you put good out into the world, good will come back to you! Being the dreamer that I am, I pursued singing as my primary life's calling - I've got two degrees in classical voice under my belt, and I sing just about anything under the sun. I also love a good adventure. Over the past few years, I've done quite a bit of world traveling, and have even lived abroad for stretches at a time: mostly in Vienna (Austria) and Croatia. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, and I became a travel agent who specializes in Disney vacations. (Seriously, I KNOW Disney - I've been going regularly since I was a little girl - and I LOVE it!) And with all my experience traveling and living in Europe, I'm becoming quite the specialist in that travel category as well. (And last year, I started working as a Tour Director in Central Europe!) As to the other juicy details of my life - I'm originally from Pennsylvania, I'm married to an awesome Croatian man named Miloš who is the BEST adventure partner a girl could ask for. (He's also an expert on knowing how to make me smile.) He's truly the love of my life! I've also had all kinds of other jobs along the way, besides singer and travel pro. (Which is pretty standard for those of us who went to school for music.) I've worked part time weekends as a Disney Princess look-alike for children's parties. I've been teaching for almost 20 years, and have lots of experience in retail and customer service. Oh, and I should also probably mention that I'm a huge Lord of the Rings/Star Trek nerd! :-) Let's all go along for an adventure, shall we?

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