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Adventures at the nude beaches…


Adventures at the nude beaches….

While in Croatia, Miloš and I did go to some of the nude beaches, so I thought I’d share my experiences for those who haven’t done that kind of thing.

Most of you know that I obviously have no problem being topless at the beaches in Europe.  (As you can see in one of my banner photos at the top of my blog.)  All beaches are essentially topless – some women wear tops, some don’t.  I usually choose not to.

But here’s a little hint – the nude beaches are some of the BEST beaches.  They are less crowded, tend to be in the loveliest settings, and you can feel free to not be confined to a bathing suit.

So let’s tell it like it is.  The good and the bad.

On the good side, we are talking LOVELY beaches!  In Makarska, Selce, and Crikvenica the nude beaches are some of the prettiest ones there are.  Sparkling blue seas, picturesque settings, low crowds – it can’t be beat.

However, the beaches tend to be on the edges of town and usually take a bit of time to get to.  In Makarska, it was a 30 minute hike in each direction on a path in the woods along the seaside.  In almost 100ºF.  I got a bit of heat stroke the first day we went to the nude beach in Makarska.  The second time we went, we made sure to better rested and hydrated before making the trek.  Besides, it was a truly interesting and fun adventure.  😉

In Crikvenica, the nude beaches are out by Kačjak (the big peninsula above town.)  Fortunately, Miloš has a scooter for getting us around when we are in his home town.   There are lots of little coves and sections of beaches in beautiful nooks and crannies along the sea.  There’s this really especially beautiful cove that’s kind of become our favorite – ever since last summer.  We paid a few visits there and sat out on the big section of rocks out in the water.  The sea there is the lightest, most turquoise of blues.  So pretty!  And there are lots of pebbles on its little beach, many of which have a pinkish hue to them – I collected a bunch to take home with me.

You’ll find quite the interesting mix of people at the nude beaches.  Who did we mostly see?  Well, lots of couples, usually older.  In fact, many people tended to be older.  Mostly age 50‘s and up.  The rest were a mix of all ages, including children.  I’d say about two thirds of the people were actually nude most of the time.  The rest either wore suits, partial suits, or were nude for part of the time.

But let’s be real.  Every nude beach has its prerequisite pervs.  Yup.  Old naked dudes who want to stare at you.  And stand around flaunting their man parts.  And let’s not even talk about what they’re sometimes doing while they stare at you.  It’s just best not to look.  I prefer it that way.  Look away.  Just look away.  At the cove in Crikvenica, there was a total creeper both days we were there who spent the entire time staring at me.  My body was hidden my Miloš most of the time because of the angle at which we were sitting on the rock, but the dude still just stared in ultimate creeper fashion.

Would I go by myself to some of these beaches?  I’m not sure.  Maybe I would, but would just do the topless thing as opposed to being all out nude?  If I went with a group of friends, I’d also feel a-okay.  But I was with my man (who has quite the decent muscles on him) so I was not worried at all about any of the pervs on the beach.  And I’d like to be clear that I never felt that my safety was compromised.

So why go to the nude beaches if there are pervs there?  For the reasons I stated at the beginning.  Uncrowded beautiful oases by the sea, where you can be free and unashamed to be yourself.  Besides, I couldn’t care less about anyone else at those beaches – it was just me and my man – I barely even noticed anyone else but him.

Even though this is an older blog post, we’ve since made a video about nude beaches and posted it to our Youtube channel.  Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out:


Here are some pics…..

This first pic is the cove on the peninsula above Crikvenica.  Hardly ever crowded, although we did have to deal with that perv staring at us.  Although we’ve been here other times without that perv being there.  Those rocks out in the water are a great place to sit and enjoy the sea.

Our favorite cove on Kačjak, Crikvenica

Our favorite cove on Kačjak, Crikvenica

Hiking through the forest to get to the nude beach in Makarska.

Hiking through the forest to get to the nude beach in Makarska.

Looking towards the nude beach in Makarska.

Looking towards the nude beach in Makarska.

Enjoying my Coke in our favorite cove on Kačjak.

Enjoying my Coke in our favorite cove on Kačjak.  (Don’t be expecting any non-suit pics, people!)


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  4. A quick question. The beaches in Croatia, including the ones pictured (and I’m interested mainly in Crikvenica) look quite stoney. Can you walk on these stones in the water, are they sharp or are some sort of swimming shoes advised / a must have?

    • Milos and I don’t use swimming shoes, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea if your feet aren’t used to it. The beaches are quite rocky in most places. There is one public beach in town that has sand, which is more what Americans are used to. (But even that one has a few stones in amongst the sand.) That particular beach is about a kilometer long, but all the others are rocky. Many of the stones are “smoother” and not so jagged. But you’ll know your feet best!

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